Best Espresso Machine Under $100

Personal espresso coffee makers run the price range from under 100 to 500 dollars and greater amounts. At the top end of the price range for consumer espresso coffee makers, you’re beginning to see commercial grade features and options either unavailable on in the consumer market or at lower price points.

De Longhi EC155
Espresso cups are smaller than regular cup because the normal amount for an espresso is around 1.5 fl oz.


Solid Brand & Reputation

The De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is a budget model from a famous consumer products maker in De’Longhi. As is the case with other espresso makers, this one produces servings of coffee in smaller 1.5 fl. Ounce cups rather than the larger coffee cups one is more accustomed to in America. The coffee, however, is Italian style and much stronger than the weaker versions.

Dual Filter/Thermostat Options

10The coffee brewer has the choice of either brewing up ground espresso or using E.S.E. pods. Both options fit inside the dual filter holder with this economy model which is a nice touch.

There are also two thermostats to keep an eye on the temperatures within the coffee maker.

Espresso or Cappuccino?

With the EC155 model, you’re not stuck with only being able to make espresso which visitors or members of the household might not all enjoy due to its added strength in the flavor. Instead, this model is capable of making a cappuccino as well. There is a swivel jet frothing facility to facilitate getting just the right frothy milk finish to the cappuccino, so it looks completely authentic.

Self-Priming Operation

When waking up in the morning, no one wants to have to run through a complicated procedure to create their first cup of coffee for the day. If it’s too much hassle, it’ll become a drag, and there’s no caffeine pumping through the system to get you through it.

For this reason, the EC155 includes its self-priming feature that ensures the water boiler heats the temperature to just the right setting for the selected coffee program, the coffee brews faster, and the first cup of Joe is available as quickly as possible.

Design and Specifications

9The appearance of this De’Longhi is sleek and modern. It’s not wider at 7.5-inches, but it does run deeper at 9.5-inches and needs a clearance height over over 11.5-inches for the unit and to access the top of the unit. The main control handle and frother extend outwards from the front of the coffee maker, so there needs to be clearance directly in front of the maker too.

The exterior finish is black, with stainless steel evident mostly for the drip tray, at the front and top areas. There are no other color choices offered with this affordable model which is entirely reasonable.

The unit itself uses up to 1,100 watts of power. There is a 15-BAR pump pressure system to facilitate the use of water pressure in the espresso making process. Even the higher-end models don’t necessarily apply more pressure than this. The plastic water tank holds 35-ounces of water and is removable for cleaning purposes. An indicator light tells you when the water has run out. The boiler is stainless steel for long-term durability through thousands of water heating cycles. The metal drip tray is easy to remove and clean. In fact, disassembling the entire unit for cleaning is a good idea and possible to do with this model too.

Little Extras

One nice feature is the cup warmer which helps to keep the coffee hotter once it’s been served and sat waiting for a while.

It is necessary to grind the coffee beans carefully to get the proper consistency to achieve excellent brewing results. That just takes some practice and patience.

The turn dial control is simplicity itself. No need to learn how to make great espresso that takes ages to master. For people who don’t have time for something fancier, this will no doubt be a relief.

De Longhi EC155
Espresso cups are smaller than regular cup because the normal amount for an espresso is around 1.5 fl oz.



It is tough to complain about this little coffee maker that’s under a hundred bucks. It not only produces strong espresso, but it also makes a frothy cappuccino too. The 15-BAR pump pressure is enough to extract the full coffee flavor from the beans. The 35-ounce water container is also a generous size, and the stainless steel boiler is durable. You’re not going to get many more features or a better quality product than this inexpensive model.

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