Best Espresso Machine under $300

With an espresso machine that’s under 300 bucks, you’re straddling the price range between the cheapest model and a fancier one. Most certainly the number of exciting features rises when going above $100, but these still fall short of commercial grade or similar barista-like features nonetheless.


Nespresso Pixie
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules. Compact Brewing Unit Technology


Appearance Matters

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is a small Avant-garde espresso maker that will neatly fit on a side table or kitchen top. This single model is available in either Black, or Electric Titan which uses both black and its aluminum siding metal appearance in a two-tone look that is quite appealing.

The unit is only 4.3-inches wide fitting into small spaces easily. The coffee maker is slim and long, rather than being full and fat, so a deep countertop is needed.


The Thermo-block heating element inside gets going in just a few seconds and can begin heating up the water in half a minute.

For instances where the water level has dipped below what’s needed, there is a backlit LED light that indicates when water is insufficient for the latest brew.

Capsule System

7This model uses Compact Brewing technology where up to 10 capsules may be fitted even if many are already used up. A container for used capsules is also provided. Inserting and ejecting capsules is simple to do.

A total of 16 delightful Nespresso Grands Crus flavored capsules is included with the product making it an exceptional value. They can be left stacked in the little tray they come with or stored in a kitchen cupboard until they’re needed.

The Nespresso capsules offer unusually appealing aromas and delicious taste to espresso lovers. Each capsule is hermetically sealed to ensure the flavor reaches the recipient as it was intended. The aluminum capsules are easily recyclable to be kind to the Earth too.


The Pixie C60 is both an espresso and lungo coffee maker. The 19-BAR water pressure level is impressive and above the level of less expensive espresso makers.

The removable 24 oz. water reservoir is situated at the back of the unit making it necessary to turn the espresso maker around to access it fully. The lid of the tank needs to be lifted to retract the two plastic hooks and release the water storage unit successfully. It takes a couple of practices to master the process.

There are push buttons for each program on the top of the assembled machine. The drip tray, which is foldable, can manage different cup sizes, even extended height ones, rather than providing a cramping serving area.

The coffee volume is programmable for people who appreciate a smaller or larger serving. Along with the water level indicator LED light, there is also an auto power off feature to avoid burning out the element or wasting electricity.

There is also a convenient carry handle that folds down to the front when not in use.

High-Pressure Pump

6The higher 19-bar pressure system offers barista-level espresso results for skilled practitioners. The pleasing aroma and individual flavors of the original coffee bean are brought out through the brewing process. The result is a crema that is dense and delightful. The 2.6-feet electrical cable reaches the power outlet quickly to keep the coffee maker properly fed with enough juice to maintain the pressure levels.


There is a one-year warranty applicable from the date of purchase. An instruction booklet and information pack are included to ensure buyers get the most out of the product.


Nespresso Pixie
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules. Compact Brewing Unit Technology



The Pixie, as it can be affectionally known, is a dual purpose coffee maker that produces both Lungo and Espresso on demand. The 19-bar pressure level is an improvement over budget models. The water reservoir at 24 fl. oz. is not the largest we’ve seen, so it will need to be refilled quite regularly. The Nespresso Grands Crus capsule system is a real innovation that is well conceived and executed. Many flavors are offered, and a 16-pack of capsules is included with the purchase which offers some additional value. The self-start time is also minimal with the water heating up quickly and delivering a brewed espresso coffee in minutes. Both of the body color choices are attractive, but perhaps the aluminum siding one is classic and appealing because it creates a different look to other homeware devices in the kitchen. The Pixie represents a good step up from a basic espresso machine without breaking the bank.

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