Best Gas Grill Under $500

When looking for the best gas grill under 500 bucks, you are relatively unrestricted when it comes to features. The best of everything is a very real possibility; or, at least, fewer corners cut to make a less than perfect grill affordable.


Weber 46510001 Spirit E310
Three stainless steel burners put out 32,000 BTU-per-hour


Depend on Weber Grills

This grill is a natural gas one from Weber. The Spirit E310 continues in the long traditional of excellence that started with George Stephen when he created the earliest Weber, and the brand has stood the test of time ever since. For grilling in the backyard and inviting over friends or family to share in a traditional BBQ, you really can’t go wrong with a Weber (and they’ll be no complaints from buddies who might try to rib you about going cheap on your equipment either).

What Makes the Spirit E310 Worth the Price?

12The look of the E310 is pure class. This free-standing unit has caster wheels to allow it to be rolled into position and repositioned when necessary, without any undue fuss.

The model suits homeowners who already have a natural gas supply coming into their home and patio area, to plug this baby right into that connection using the convenient 10-foot hose. For anyone else, a propane Natural gas Weber grill like the E210 or E330 provides the option to use a refillable propane tank to fuel the beast.

The cooking space is a generous 424-square inches which is wider and deeper than inexpensive grills where the grill master is cramped and unable to cook up many steaks, burgers, and shiny peppers at the same time. For food that’s already been cooked, there is a large 105-square inch warming area to prevent it getting cold. Just having a warming area saves on waste and avoids the need to re-fire food when it’s overcooked or spoiled. When it comes to the cooking heat, the 32,000 BTUs per hour has you fully covered with ample power fed to the three burners (a 20-pound LP tank is the one to purchase).

Below the grilling area is porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars which catch the dripping fat from the meat and create the smoke. The smoke-infused steaks and sausages envelope the subtle flavor which serves only to enhance the meal.

Appearances Matter

13The look of the unit is excellent. From the cast-iron cooking grates to the Flavorized bars in porcelain enamel, classy gauges, stainless steel door, and cavernous grill lid. It’s all top class with this model.

No more trying to get the grill started either. The Spirit E310 has an electronic crossover system that will ignite the grill with a single push of the button. Look cool from the start…

Two pull out tables made of durable stainless steel jut out from either side of the main grilling area. Plenty of space to prep raw food for the heat or create tasty food platters. There’s also a painted steel cabinet which has a stainless steel door that keeps this enclosed space toasty like an oven while the grill is being put through its paces.


Keep Control at All Times

The power control system has three separate gauges to permit management of the power distribution levels to all three burners independently. A gas level indicator avoids not noticing that there has been a cut to the gas supply at just the wrong time.

The gauges have been repositioned with the 2013 refreshed design of this Weber gas model, so they’re now at the front which is far more convenient.

Managing the Grease

Every BBQ expert knows that cleaning up the grill after a night of serving up juicy burgers and hearty steaks is just part of the job. A system is in place to funnel the juices from cooking meats, down through the Flavorizer bars, across the grease tray, and into the catch pan. Sliding the grease tray try out for cleaning is easy to do. The catch pan is a replaceable item and is simple to replace with a new one.

Weber 46510001 Spirit E310
Three stainless steel burners put out 32,000 BTU-per-hour


The Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill is an ideal model for a growing family or someone who regularly likes to entertain friends either on the patio or the deck. It has more than sufficient grill and warming areas, plus two preparation areas either side which provides the option for one person to cook while 1-2 other people prep food at the same time.

There is a limited warranty that is either a 10-year duration or 25-year duration depending on the part that develops a fault. Many owners of Weber grills use them regularly for many years without any problems. For anyone who can afford this powerful model, it is hard to fault it.

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