Best Radar Detector Under $50

When radar detectors first hit the market, they were very expensive, and many couldn’t afford the technology of them. They were for the elite, those with expensive fast cars, and for those who could afford them without thinking of the cost. As technology has evolved, the costs of radar detectors have dropped, and that has led the companies who make them to lower costs, get them out to more people, and get the overall sales of them into the millions. Companies like Cobra and others realize this, and know that a radar detector under $50 will sell a lot better than a $500 one, and to a lot more people. For the masses, the Cobra ESD7570 is an ideal selection, and it comes in well under $50 for your driving pleasure.

Introduction To The Cobra ESD7570

Cobra ESD7570
The Cobra ESD 7570 9- band radar/laser detector with UltraBright data display, has an ultra compact design with an improved range for high performance with refined style.



The Cobra ESD7570 is the entry level radar detector from Cobra, but the Cobra ESD7570 definitely is packing a full set of features that a lot of the higher-end models are lacking. Cobra has been making radar detectors for 20 plus years, and they know how to make quality merchandise, at affordable prices. The Cobra ESD7570 gives you 360 degrees of protection and detection of laser signals. This means you are protected in front, back, sideways, and all directions. This device gives you VG-2 and Spectre Alerts, and alerts the driver when they are under the surveillance of a VG2 or Spectre I/IV+ radar sensor, and those are some of the most widely used systems. It includes highway and city mode, and this will reduce the frequency of false alerts in dense populations.

What makes the Cobra ESD7570 a great radar detector at under $50, is that it is a no frills unit, and it protects drivers in the US and Canada. It also keeps the drivers safety in mind, as it offers a safety alert that will warn when emergency vehicles are nearby, and that includes any road hazards as well. These can emit safety alerts, and the Cobra ESD7570 will keep you aware of them while driving. In addition to safety, the Cobra ESD7570 features a UltraBright Data Display that shows the band being detected by the police or highway patrol, and it provides the user with relatively proximity to the target. All of these features along with the radar detection angles of the Cobra ESD7570, make this a perfect fit for almost anyone looking for a radar detector, and one for a gift or present to someone who is as well. In addition, it includes the Cobra ESD7570 radar detector, a suction-cup mount windshield bracket kit, a coiled power cord, and documentation to get it going.


It’s Worth It

In conclusion, the Cobra ESD7570 radar detector is a great bargain and device for well under $50. It gives you total protection while on the road, it alerts you when there are radars nearby, and it simply works. It comes with top reviews from users across the Internet, and the Cobra brand name is very well respected in the radar detection field as well. You pick up the most common frequencies and bands used by police, you get a no frills device, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be protected. Once you get the Cobra ESD7570, you will be amazed with its overall performance, and you will probably have your friends and families wanting to purchase it as well. For the price, its perfect for the holidays or birthdays too, and is a perfect addition to anyone looking to reduce speeding tickets and stops. Grab the Cobra ESD7570 today.

Cobra ESD7570
The Cobra ESD 7570 9- band radar/laser detector with UltraBright data display, has an ultra compact design with an improved range for high performance with refined style.


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