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If you’re looking to combine convenience, durability, and accuracy with your next Table Saw then the DEWALT DWE7490X 10” Job Site Table Saw (included with a Scissor Stand) is built for the job! Thanks to a lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design it’s easy to mobilize and get through narrow doorways and other obstacles with your ready-to-go DEWALT 10” Table Saw. On average, investing in a heavy-duty steel table saw and table can easily run you into the thousands, but thanks to the trusted DEWALT brand this can now merely be a part of the past as it’s evolved it’s major table saws into more portable, reliable, and long-lasting products.

28" of rip capacity easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim material



DEWALT Brand and Evolution to the DWE7490X

Stepping away from the common plastic build of the table saw parts and fencing, the DEWALT 7490X has been built nearly fully collapsible with no less reliable moving parts.

6If you’re looking to maximize on rip capacity from your table saw, and stand to benefit from Dado blade capability then the DWE7490X is a perfect place to get started. In fact, this DEWALD table saw is designed to take up to as much as a 13/16″ dado blade stack!

With a soft start motor and a heavy-duty roll cage, it becomes noticeable that DEWALT really takes pride in the quality of their table saws, and have gone above and beyond to prolong the life of this table saw by using only the most modern technology possible. The DWE7490X is built with convenience thanks to it’s onboard out of the way storage of nearly all of its parts, and even includes an added dust port to hook up an external vacuum too. Customers are very pleased using this table saw and have reported that 95% or more of debris are automatically collected via the table saw’s own cleaning filter port.

As for sound quality and distraction factors? The DWE7490X is reported to be only a fraction of the loudness of the third-party vacuum you’re likely to plugin to suck and clear out any wood chippings, dust, and debris. This says a lot, and adds to the overall ability to remain concentrated, professional, and of course safe while performing heavy duty work with this 10” table saw.

Is the DEWALT DWE7490X Right for Me?

The DEWALT brand has been well known for ages as one of the most durable, reliable, and consistently performing long turntable saw companies available on the market to construction contractors and DIY home projects alike.

If you’ve used competing for the table saw products in the past such as Basch, Makita, and other brand names but have experienced troubles or lack of consistent performance and accuracy with cutting shelves and other projects then the DWE7490X is definitely a step up. If you’re tired of having to worry about your table saw ‘snag’ onto your wood project between cutting, or even worse ejecting or ‘throwing’ pieces of wood across the room then prevent injury and go with a trusted, reputable name brand table saw like the DEWALT DWE7490X.


28" of rip capacity easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim material


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