Best Vacuum for Stairs

Go ahead and check for the dirtiest spot in your house! You will find that it is not one of the corners, nor is it beneath a couch, but it is the stairs that are the dirtiest. They are more difficult to clean than corners, which people just forget to clean, or under the mattress where you will only find a light dust that can be cleaned with even the laziest of vacuums.

The stairs are so difficult to clean because they see a lot of wear and tear, they have a lot of sharp corners to pick up dirt, and they are usually far away from a power cord.

So we have decided to put together a little list for you of the very best vacuums for stairs. Here you will find not only the very best products but also our in depth vacuum for stairs reviews.

1. Best Vacuum for Stairs

Eureka EasyClean
Riser visor for cleaning stair risors and upholstery


We are going to get right into it and declare right now that the best vacuum for stairs on the market today has to be the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum. There are several reasons why we love it but the biggest one has to be how small and light it is and yet how powerful. It has a 5.5 Amps power rating which is enough to pick up even heavy pieces of plaster that may be left after a remodeling job. It also has a moving brush roll that helps pick out dirt from different types of carpets, including shag. It is the perfect tool to pick up different animal hairs from stairs, couches and especially car seats. That is the other reason why we love it: its 20 foot cord is long enough that you can use it for more than one job, and because of the different accessories it comes equipped with, it will excel at any job you may through at it. But if you are still not convinced keep reading as we are going to come back to it with an in depth review.

2. Best Vacuum for Stairs for the Money

VonHaus 600W
19.5ft power cord, crevice tool, small brush attachment for handheld, hose adaptor, shoulder strap


Just like you we are always on the lookout for a great deal and that is just what the VonHaus 2-in-1 Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum is. Even in its hand held version it is heavier and more difficult to handle than the Eureka EasyClean, which is why it is not our number one choice. However, it is still an excellent vacuum and a lot of its mass can be explained by the fact that it uses a HEPA air filter. So it is particularly useful if you have a house full of pets or you have an allergy problem in your family. The HEPA filter can easily handle any air born particles that would trigger an allergy. It has a 20 foot power cord so it is just as easy to use as the Eureka EasyClean and it has the same accessories. So it really is a matter of HEPA filtration versus weight. We preferred to go with the slightly more expensive Eureka but you may want to choose the VonHaus and we are certainly going to give you more details in the in depth review to follow.

3. Best Vacuum for Stairs on a Budget

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
Filtration: multi-layer filtration, The Bissell hand vac uses the Cyclonic Cleaning System


There is a very tempting alternative to the vacuums we have been looking so far, and it is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. In our attempt to look for the best product on the market we always keep the price in mind and we were very tempted to talk about the Bissell as the very best, but ultimately decided to go for the Eureka. The Bissell  is actually the smaller, younger brother of the Eureka so you should definitely be aware of that before you buy. It has just 4 Amps of power and a shorter, 16 feet power cable and no revolving brush. However, it does have a rubber nose that attracts the dirt from thick carpets and that may actually fit a little bit easier in tight corners, towards the end of each step. It is also well worth noting that it costs almost half as much as the Eureka so it may be worth going over the same spot a couple of time more than you would with the more expensive vacuum for stairs.

Why You Need a Vacuum for Stairs

Before you go ahead and make that important decision to buy you may ask yourself whether you really do need a vacuum for stairs. Well and good! Although there are many gadgets on the market there to solve a problem, you may not be the person that really needs that product. However, there are several reasons to recommend a vacuum for stairs and not the least of which being the fact that a vacuum for stairs can be use for more than just stairs. But before we go into that let’s consider stairs.

As we have mentioned before stairs are some of the most difficult parts of your home to keep clean. They are probably the most walked through area and yet they are so difficult to keep clean. Also, air currents will always move up and down the stairs depending on what is the hottest part of the house, and they will carry not only dust but also oil particles from cooking in the kitchen, pollen from the front door and any open window, and fur from wherever your pet may be shedding it. Also, because of their shape, stairs will easily trap all that dirt and will make it almost impossible for you to really reach in every corner to clean. So a vacuum for stairs, especially one that was designed for that like the Eureka, will make your life that much easier when you are cleaning, and will help you maintain a much safer house for your family.

Besides that a vacuum for stairs can also be used on other difficult to clean surfaces. Couches for example are famous for how easy they become messy. All it takes is one movie night and a bowl of popcorn. A vacuum for stair is great because it was designed to reach the in the corners of the L shape specific to a couch. There is also the fact that you may not want to deal with the weight and cumbersomeness of a huge, family size vacuum. A hand held vacuum is the perfect tool to have ready at hand close to difficult areas like the stairs or the couch.

Finally, we have mentioned before just how great the Eureka is for cleaning the interior of a car. In fact all of the vacuums for stairs we have talked about so far are excellent for cleaning a car because they are small and easy to get inside every nook and cranny inside of a car. The long shape of the VonHouse vacuum cleaner, for example, is perfect for reaching underneath the chairs in the car, and, because it is connected to a real power outlet it has a lot more suction power than those car vacuum cleaners.

What Makes a Great Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

Unless you are so wealthy that you can afford to have a gadget for every possible task, the most important aspect to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs is whether it can be used for more than just cleaning stairs. We have been looking at vacuum cleaners that can do all of the odd jobs where you would need a vacuum cleaner but the regular one would not work that well. So beside stairs, you should consider your car, furniture, tall appliances like a fridge and so on.

Of course the ultimate test are the stairs and we have certainly taken into consideration every corner there when making our choice. That means a vacuum for stairs needs to me small, easy to handle, maneuverable so you can really get into every corner of each step and pick up any sign of dust or dirt. You should also consider the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner. No matter how small the area you are cleaning the vacuum cleaner should have a nozzle for that area. And then again, you should take into consideration the fact that even though a crevice tool is great for really tight spots, you do not want to go over an entire stair case with something that precise. That is why we have disregarded vacuum cleaners that had a very narrow cleaning head to start with, or did not have enough power to create suction over a large area cleaning head.

There are also those considerations that you should be aware of even when you are buying a regular size vacuum cleaner. If allergies are something that you need to be careful with then you need to go for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or even one that was specifically designed with several filtration systems to protect against allergies. There is also the fact that there are several other types of filters, cheaper and lighter than HEPA but that still allow you to use your vacuum without a specifically designed dust bag. We mention that because dust bags have really become obsolete and it would seem that manufacturers still come out with vacuum cleaners that use them in order to force you to make repeat purchases. So, while vacuum cleaners that do not use dust bags are slightly more expensive than the ones that do not, the initial expense will be worth it in the long run.

1. Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

Eureka EasyClean
Riser visor for cleaning stair risors and upholstery


As promised we are going to go into every detail regarding our top 3 vacuums for stairs. We have already told you what features you should be looking for so these reviews should allow you to grade our homework and make a truly informed decision. So, as we have already mentioned, we have chosen the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum as our favorite vacuum cleaner for stairs because it is small, light weight and at 5 Amps, really powerful. In terms of weight it actually comes in at 4.8 pounds, and that is with the small attached hose that can be connected to the crevice tool. It does not have a HEPA filter but its own filter is fairly sensitive so you should clean it regularly even if the dirt container is not full. At 5 Amps it is strong enough to pick up even small pebbles like the ones that seem to always make their way inside of a car, so if you have any problems with its power you should look at how clean the filter is before you do anything else.

The Eureka EasyClean vacuum for stairs has a 20 foot cord, which should be long enough to cover half of a regular room plus the stairs. However, if you feel that 20 feet may not be long enough you should check out the Eureka EasyClean 41A, which you can find on the same page with our favorite Eurika, which is the 71B. We still prefer the 71B because it is a much lighter option, and the 5 feet of cord can be easily replaced by an extension cord.

The other interesting feature that really attracted us to the Eureka EasyCleaner series is the fact that it has a Riser Visor. This is basically a visor that comes down over the revolving brush when you are cleaning plane surfaces so that the dirt will be pulled directly into the vacuum cleaner. However, once the vacuum reaches the end of a step, the visor rises with another 90 degrees, so the revolving brush will reach the vertical part of the stair and really clean every angle. The other great thing about the Eureka EasyClean is that it comes with a crevice tool that can be attached to a secondary hose. The crevice tool is pretty standard nowadays on vacuum cleaner but we particularly like it on the Eureka because it attaches to a special side hose. That means the vacuum cleaner was designed to work with the 6 inch cleaning brush roll so it delivers all of its suction power along that edge.

Finally we should mention the fact that the Eureka EasyClean gives you great access to the power on/off button. You can actually reach it while you are cleaning so you can quickly turn it off when moving from one step to another or from the front of the car to the back. Also, it is to be noted that the vacuum cleaner has a specially designed groove that allows you to neatly wrap the power cord around.


2. Best Vacuum for Stairs for the Money

VonHaus 600W
19.5ft power cord, crevice tool, small brush attachment for handheld, hose adaptor, shoulder strap


The VonHaus 2-in-1 Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum is more of an interesting alternative to the Eureka EasyClean than it is a competitor. It is true that it is slightly cheaper so you could argue that you are getting more for less, but it is so different that it is difficult to compare them. The heart of the problem is the HEPA filter. If you need one for allergies, or if you have a pet with particularly fine hairs, then the Eureka is really your only real option. However, the HEPA filter system is heavier and it the nozzle needs to be more focused, which is to say tighter, so for maximum power it will not cover as much ground as the Eureka.

However the VonHaus vacuum for stairs is actually a 2-in-1. That means the hand held vacuum cleaner that you would use for stairs can be connected to what is a very big accessory turning it into an upright stick vacuum cleaner. Since the 2-in-1 function is one of the main benefits you would get from the VonHaus we have scrutinized it just as intensely as the hand held version. As far as upright stick vacuum cleaners the VonHaus is one of the best we have ever seen, but you have to remember that it is a stick vacuum. So if you already own a decent regular size vacuum cleaner, than you will have no use for the upright stick since the regular will do a better job with big carpets and the like. However, if you currently do not own a vacuum cleaner, this may be an excellent stand alone tool. You will have to go several times over the same area where a regular vacuum cleaner would do the job in one go, but then again you are not cluttering up your house with too many things, and you are also not paying for 2 different vacuum cleaners when one will do the job just right.

It should also be noted that the VonHaus comes not only with a crevice tool but also a small brush tool that can be great when cleaning chips from the back of a car seat after someone has already sat on the. OK, that example may be a little too personal to apply to everyone, but you can easily think of situations where getting in with a small brush would have been turned a tough cleaning job into an easy one. There is also the fact that the VonHaus may not be as strong as a regular vacuum cleaner, making its upright stick version less effective, but pound for pound, or square inch per square inch of pressure, it will deliver more power to the crevice tool than the Eureka EasyClean so it will make cleaning different creases and crevices that much easier to clean, whether you are thinking about your car seats or your favorite couch.

3. Best Vacuum for Stairs on a Budget

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
Filtration: multi-layer filtration, The Bissell hand vac uses the Cyclonic Cleaning System


Having already given you our in depth reviews of the best vacuums for stairs on the market, it becomes somewhat difficult to talk about the best budget option currently available without disparaging it too much, but also without giving you any misinformation. So we are going to talk about some of the disadvantages we see in buying the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, but we would like to keep in mind that this is such more affordable solution that it is really worth taking into consideration.

So, it is true that the Bissell only has 4 Amps of power and no brush roll or riser visor. That means it is the weakest of all the vacuums we have considered so far, but, at 4 amps it is still more powerful than your average car vacuum cleaner. It also has a rubber nozzle that you can push, press and rub the dirt out of any surface. It really does attract dirt and hairs and, as long as you are willing to put a little elbow grease into it, it will really get almost any surface clean. Also the rubber nozzle is perfect for reaching in every nook and cranny of a stair case, and will do a pretty good job with the natural design creases in a couch. However, when cleaning the couch you may have to rub some of the dirt out and on the floor and the vacuum it up with the Bissell. That actually goes to the other thing that we really would have like to see on the Bissell, which is a crevice tool. It does not have one, nor does it have a hose.

However, there are 2 excellent points to be made about the Bissell besides the price. At 4 pounds it is actually the lightest vacuum cleaner on our list. Also it comes with a hard nozzle that glides easily over wood or tile floors, and picks up any type of dirt it encounters. It is definitely not the type of vacuum cleaner you would use to clean floors, but as far as a point and clean vacuum is concerned this is an excellent choice. Its light weight and small size means you can keep it close to the couch, the dog food tray, stairs or whatever area of the house is most often in need of cleaning. It is well worth noting here that the Bissell uses a 2 filtration system so it is almost as effective as a HEPA filter and it does not need a bag. So you are spending less money than you would for a vacuum cleaner that uses bags, and you still do not have to worry about that expenditure.

Other Considerations

Most people worry that they can do the same basic jobs that a vacuum for stairs does with just a regular vacuum cleaner. So we would like to take up just a few more minutes out of your time to point out several things. For one, a regular size vacuum cleaner is much bigger and more difficult to maneuver around stairs. Second, the more difficult a job seems to be, the more likely you are to postpone tackling it. Finally,  you should also take into consideration all the other jobs that a vacuum for stairs can handle that a regular vacuum cleaner simply cannot do, or it will make them that much more difficult.


As long as your budget will allow you to, you should really consider buying a vacuum for stairs. There is the compact Eureka EasyClean with its brush roll, that we really think is the perfect choice from any reasonable point of view. On the other hand you have the VonHaus 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner with its HEPA cleaner, that can be the only appliance of its kind your house and car will need. Finally, you have the budget friendly Bissell that, despite our best attempts to see it in a favorable light, should really be your choice only if you need to keep the costs as low as possible.

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