Tiny Home Design – 4 Interiors Under 430 Square Feet

There is simple, small, modest, elegant living. And then, there’s this. Those four homes featured in this article are not just small, or simple, in fact, they are not simple at all. They are tiny. Each one of them is under 40 square meters (meaning 430 square feet) but surprisingly, somehow they manage to look extremely cozy and not even cramped. Sure, in real life, living in a tiny house might be a little different and messier, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying to make the most out of your small flat.

The first home has light wood and neutral palette that makes us believe it has been inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism.

The small dining table fits just right into the main living area which also includes bench seating and a small cooking space.

I believe the coziest element is definitely the sleeping nook, which has a curtain that you can shut out during the day.


The second home is located in Macedonia and it measures only 35 square meters (376 square feet). This place looks incredibly organized, bright and elegant with cleverly designed room dividers.

We can see there is a perforated panel in the center of the flat that keeps the living and sleeping area separate from the kitchen and dining area.

The light pastel colors and the high-quality materials make this apartment look elegant and youthful and not cluttered at all.

The next home on our list takes the color tone down a bit, however there are certainly similarities in its design. It has low furniture, which makes the space feel more open and it gives the illusion of higher ceiling (great tip!).

We can notice a light curtain where there is probably a small balcony.

The plants hanging on the wall give the home a natural and modern touch. This surely is my favorite one, I simply love the colors and the modern look.

The last apartment on our list is 34 square meters (365 square feet) house, probably designed for a young couple. While living with someone, especially in a tiny house like this, it’s really important to keep things open and well organized. The walls in this one are largely unadorned and the white color surely makes the space looks bigger (white walls – another great tip).

We can see a small kitchen area, if we can call that a kitchen, with a small bar, with just enough room for an intimate breakfast or a cup of coffee. However, it doesn’t look like you can cook much in there.


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