Top 10 Best Postal Scales

For the best postal scale solution, whether your business is large on small, the Top 10 Best Postal Scales below are sure to match your needs.

We have included various postal scales that are able to cover a wide range of capacity needs, for as little as 1 gram packages, to up to 400lbs or more. Each of these postal scales were reviewed to highlight both the good, and any discrepancies or challenges customers experienced with each one – which are few to none.

These postal scales are made by some of the most trusted brands, and, are presented to you based on durability, load capacity, material quality, ease of use, functionality, and how well each handles constant, or occasional use for all of your packaging needs!

Investing in a quality, precise, and affordable postal scale can save you unwanted costs from either undercharging or overcharging customers during the shipping process, including unnecessary postage. Additionally, a quality postal scale will also save you unwanted headache and time at the local post office for weighing each individual package.

1. 200 LB x 0.05 LB Weighmax

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The Weighmax Digital Postal Postage Shipping Scale with a 200lb weight capacity is a great solution for shop owners and those with small shipping businesses from home – such as eBay sellers and resellers. One customer stated this is the perfect, precise, and durable digital postal scale that was needed for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) product shipping and sales.

In comparison to other digital postal scales, this is an optimal product as it has a lighter, more compact LCD display that lights up in the dark, and is not tied to your scale so you can still view it when you have larger packages or boxes.

For anyone tired of investing in cheaply made scales, the Weighmax Digital postal scale is really worth the investment, and customers have used it long-term without any calibration errors or unusual wear and tear.

Because this digital postal scale is metal and not plastic, it’s made to be more durable and last longer. And, with a wider base, there is more flexibility in the package types that can be weighed.

One customer did point out that it measures only in 1/6 of a pound or ounces which was inconvenient for them. However, a quick conversion calculator online can fix this, and should be considered only a setback.

It is worth pointing out that while this digital postal scale can weigh up to 200lbs, it cannot weigh anything under 2lbs. However, it is very stable, will not wiggle around, and although a little on the larger side remains a top pick for those frequently weighing 18x18x16 boxes. This digital postal scale comes highly recommended, and with a remote readout feature, is a must-have for anyone serious about improving their postal scale experience and their overall production rate with a swift, reliable device.

2. No1. Best Scale–Weighmax

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Reviewed as one of the best digital postal scales for both small and large scale e-commerce home and office businesses, the Weighmax Transformer Digital Scale is a heavy-duty device sure to get the job done hassle-free.

The Weighamx digital scale is described as being very durable, and, one customer even reported weighing themselves with the product. The blue LCD screen that can be mounted on the wall has a nice, readable glow, and large numbers for ease of use – and swift shipping.

For a postal scale that won’t be easy for a cat or child to accidentally knock off the counter, and one that’s built tough enough for everyday, heavy use, the Weighmax postal scale is a great choice. It is easy to set up, and customers have expressed that they easily see it lasting years or more – and have gone months with non-stop use experiencing no software or hardware issues.

If you frequently weigh larger items, given that this postal scale has a 300lb capacity, it is the perfect solution to larger boxes. Also, its accuracy and ease of use allow you to save money in the long run, by accurately measuring packages before shipping.

The Weighmax Transformer Digital Scale also has fold-out pads for larger diameter boxes and is made durably, not with common, cheap plastic parts found in other postal scales. And, given its quality construction, one customer was even confident weighing furniture on it.

Overall, this is a great postal scale, for a meaningful price and a long-term investment that makes weighing packages easier, as the scale can even be turned on with your foot while you hold your package or box. One of the most well-constructed postal scales on the market, and at a great price, this is a very popular choice among customers.

3.Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty 

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With a higher weight-capacity of 440lbs, this digital postal scale is great for weighing a wide range of shipping items – some customers have even reported using for weighing their kids or themselves.

The Smart Weight is very sturdy, has a sleek design, and because it’s also a ‘one piece design’ it’s easier to clean and does not get dirty as quickly as others.

The manufacturer seems especially reputable, as customers have reported simple concerns or small malfunctions being fixed quickly and without charge – one customer accidentally broke their battery cover.

With a straight and spiral cord, customers can enjoy reading the weight display from any angle, and not have to worry about the package getting in the way.

Therefore, as an affordable, durable digital postal scale solution this is a great choice, and it even displays weight in both pounds and ounces. One customer also noted that this postal scale is perfect for weighing produce, so as a postal scale it is both strong and reliable enough to be used for measurements of all kinds.

Customers have come back to buy more Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scales, and one even started that they had purchased more than 6 for friends and family.

This is a great postal scale for use with both small and larger businesses. And, the Smart Weigh postal scale even includes various functions, such as weighing multiple packages, has a PCS function to give an accurate count of items that are the identical weight, and can be turned off both manually, or, set to turn off automatically to preserve power.

Ultimately, this is a great, multi-purpose, heavy duty postal scale, that customers have found flexibility in using for both personal (such as weighing luggage) and professional use.

4. Smart Weigh Digital

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For weighing smaller, to up to 100-pound packages, the Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale is a great product, and made by a trusted brand that many small business owners have come to know.

People find this postal scale great for personal use, such as weighing backpacking equipment to measure out and lighten loads, as well as for thick or heavier envelopes before shipping.

Having a postal scale that can weigh a box or container for net weight determination and with accuracy is a huge advantage to regular, or high volume shipping operations. And, with up to 6 weight function measures, such as grams, kilograms, pounds, and pounds to ounces, this is a very flexible, and purposeful, small postal scale for warehouse use as well.

The Smart Weigh digital scale uses high precision sensors for accuracy, and customers report identical weight measurements to postal offices– which saves the customer and seller both time and money. And, while some have found the auto-shutoff feature slightly inconvenient, for those that are constantly using it this is typically not an issue – and it boots up quickly which is a always a plus.

You can power this postal scale with either batteries or the AC adapter, and it also includes free batteries which is nice.

All in all, this postal scale seems to pay for itself, and weighing down to the gram is again perfect for smaller packages. Some, found this to be very useful for garage use as well, and that it works well to weigh nearly any box type or size, regardless of unusual corners or diameters. Best of all, this scale doesn’t take up space, and is easy to bring with you on the go.

5. Accuteck ShipPro

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With a USB-powered option, the Accuteck ShipPro postal scale is versatile, and great for nearly any at-home or in-office use for small scale shipping. It also includes a deck which opens up to expand for larger or awkward shaped packages – and can also be detached if desired.

The Accuteck ShipPro is accurate to the fraction of an ounce which is impressive, and, is rated as one of the best postal scales on the market in terms of bang for your buck. It has also been reported to be more accurate than kitchen scales, and while small, is considerably more dependable.

If you ship a lot of packages, this is a great way to serve both you and your customers, in getting only the most precise weight calculations possible, so that you do not overcharge for shipping costs. And, while few customers have stated that the display is a little dim, it is clear enough to get consistent readings.

With a 10-year included warranty, this is definitely an optimal choice if you’re in the market for reliable, long-term use postal scales. It is also very easy to assemble, and only involves cords and batteries for use.

You can also set the display remote from the weighing platform, and have the display remote away from the actual package itself which is a bonus for visibility and use.

Customers have reported use of two years or more without any issues, and that this is the most reliable, consistently performing postal scale on the market they’ve ever experienced. It is also small and compact enough to store away in your drawer, which adds to overall appeal and convenience.

6. American Weigh Scales

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The American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale is an easy to use, simple, and dependable scale. It’s also small and compact, with measurements of 8” wide, x 8” long, and 1/8” H. This postal scale is a great way to save time and money – including on stamps for smaller packages or envelopes.

Customers report the American postal scale being ready for use right out of the box – and already being calibrated. One also stated they had success weighing over 20 packages in a row flawlessly. The American Weigh postal scale is very reliable, durable, and affordable for those just getting into using postal scales or still familiarizing themselves with what types of features or scale types makes the most sense.

With an on/off button and a bright LCD readout, this is a must-have for homeowners and business owners alike, and is also ideal for those that ship packages to their loved ones who are either in college or abroad. The functionality of this postal scale is not only very easy to use, but, also very intuitive, and the “Hold” button which allows you to still vie the weight after removing a package is also quite helpful.

Additionally, there is a “Tare” option, which assists in weighing only the container before weighing your package, and with clearly labeled buttons this is one of the simplest, most efficient postal scales you’ll find. The American Weigh Postal Scale is also great for measuring fabric and vinyl, and, is precise enough to trust in weighing other, similar household items. Overall, a great, simple to use system and device for those with or without experience using digital postal scales.

7. Accuteck Heavy Duty

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Accuteck is a trusted, and well-known brand among business owners and everyday consumers alike for producing simple, effective, and affordable postal scales. The Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale is no exception, and has a considerably high load capacity of 85lbs, considering its design to be an otherwise ‘compact’ scale.

This scale is great for ensuring your customers don’t overpay in shipping, and thanks to its long battery life is perfect for nearly anywhere you need to take. It’s also compact enough to easily be stored away. And, with precise measurement readings down to the fraction of an ounce, this is a great scale for measuring the ‘simpler’ things, such as food and serving measurements.

Customers report the calibration to work flawlessly, and, that this postal scale takes the “guestimation” out of online shipping or sales. One customer even placed a 40lb dumbbell to test its durability, and, it didn’t cause the device to flex or bend in any shape or form.

The Accuteck is also a nice postal scale for mass envelope-shipping, and, the top-up feature is great for larger or thicker envelopes that need something to lean on.

One customer did, however, report that they wished the surface was larger so that the LCD screen could be read when there is a big package on the scale. Other than that, this is great, very affordable, and practical postal scale that should last a long time and is perfect for those on a budget!

8. Accuteck All-In-One Series W-8250-50BS

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For an accurate measurement every time, the Accuteck All-In-One digital postal scale is the perfect solution. It’s very reliable, has a Fold-Up Mailer Holder which is a nice bonus, and will support rolling tubes or other unusually shaped packages with 90 degrees support.

The Accuteck All-In-One is very easy to use, and calibrating is made simple – which makes this a top pick for smaller parcels and envelope shipping. The larger display is also convenient, easy to read, and the device provides precision measurement down to the tenth of an ounce.

A really great value for the money, customers are happy, and frequently purchase this scale for small online retail businesses, every day, or simply monthly use. The added flexibility of using a plug or battery power means it’s easier to take on the go, and use no matter where you are.

The Accuteck All-In-One Series W-8250-50BS A-PT 50 Digital Scale is very fast, and although considered cheap in price, customers point out it is by no means made of cheap materials. And, while larger boxes are not ideal for this postal scale, it does work well for the price paid with smaller packages.

Many customers have referred to this postal scale as the #1 popular choice, and, thanks to clear and concise instructions, customers are comfortable using their Accuteck.

This scale is definitely the perfect size for small jobs, has easy to find buttons, and a “Hold” feature that is reported to work flawlessly.

9. Weighmax 2822-75LB

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Featuring a “beep” audible notification once measuring is complete, the Weighmax 2822-75LB is a great, simple, and affordable postal scale solution for most shipping needs under 75lbs. Customers note this to be an extremely useful and uncommon tool, and, because it’s a smaller scale, with the display placed on the device, larger boxes will be less of a hassle and you’ll save time.

Also, the Weighmax postal calculator has the ability to calculate in Kg, which, can be helpful for especially light packages, or even foods and other ingredients for cooking.

One seller found this postal scale especially helpful for weighing and shipping light computer parts, and, saving trips to the post office is time and money that can then be applied elsewhere.

Many customers have also reported using this scale without any issues for years, which says a lot about the quality of the product.

With the Weighmax 2822-75LB, the display will show you your weight and “freeze” the amount on the screen so that you have time to note it before moving on to the next package. So, you can understand why lots of eBay sellers found this postal scale to be a very practical tool. And, because you don’t have to keep letting it go back to zero for every package, this again means more time and money saved for you and your business.

Most importantly, the Weighmax is fast to lock-on weight, and, using the “Tare” feature to add an item to get its individual weight is equally useful.

There were little to no complaints about this item, so, we’re very confident in recommending it to you for all of your ‘light’ shipping needs.

10. 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale

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For a both dependable, yet affordable postal scale, the 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale Precise Cooking Scale is the perfect investment. It even includes a nice, sturdy box for storage – and has been complimented by multiple happy customers for providing just that!

Being able to weigh as little as 1 gram, up to as much as 11lbs with this scale is very useful for in the kitchen, or sending envelopes and other small packages with the precise weight every time.

Right out of the box, this scale is ready to go, and, although a little bigger than typical handheld scales, is very lightweight and practical. It doesn’t take up much space, and is also very easy to read. A lot of customers have also reported using this scale for measuring foods with great success for the Weight Watchers program.

Although the door tab is a little difficult to put back on when taken off for some, the 1byone otherwise works great, and has received all-around positive feedback from its customers. The 1byone scale also includes batteries which is a nice bonus, and, although made of light duty plastic is durable enough to last a long time with regular use.

Because the 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale is such a perfect fit for a counter or desk, it’s also a great addition for a home-office or business. Overall, this is a very accurate and practical postal scale, and for a very competitive price you can’t beat it!

What is the Best Postal Scale for Your Needs?

Products like the 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale offer you the ability to enjoy a compact, easy to use, and lightweight solution for low weight-capacity envelopes and packages – nearly anywhere!

Others, such as the Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale combine perfect use and functionality for weighing nearly anything, and we don’t just mean packages. Larger scales such as these can also be used to weigh yourself, pets, or even food!

Depending on your intended use for a postal scale, chances are you’ll find the perfect product in our Top 10 Best Postal Scales list, as we’ve listed all the most popular brands, as well as many that have been used for years by happy customers with little to no issues at all.

Many of these postal scales, such as the Weighmax 2822-75LB, are truly designed to make your job easier! That means, any items that needs weighing, using improved calibration technology, as well as other extra functions such as “Tare” or “Hold”, you’re really able to really maximize control and precision – this way you don’t lose time and money the next time you send out a package!

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