Top 10 Best Printers for College Students

If you’re in the market for the best printers for college then you’ve come to the right place!

We have listed the Top 10 Best Printers based on wireless technology, size, printer quality, efficiency, performance, and price. Below, you will find that we’ve outlined and based printer products on both experience and practical knowledge, what it takes to make the best, most user-friendly, reliable color or monochromic printer – with or without wireless technology.

These printers are from major brands, which are both trusted and popular among consumers in the current printer market.

1. Brother HL-3170CDW

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The Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer is designed with a two-sided printing feature which saves both paper and time, and, also includes wireless technology to make it easier for customers to print from nearly any local mobile device. A lot of customers were happy and pleased with these qualities, and found it to be both more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly in comparison to other digital color printers.

For any college student or small business owner, this Brother printer is a great choice, and, although it comes with its share of quirks, it is affordable for the quality you receive.

A few customers complained that because the printer enters Sleep Mode after a certain period of time of inactivity that it needs to be rebooted each time for use. It is worth pointing out, however, that the money saved in having a more energy-efficient printer seems to weigh out this seemingly minor inconvenience.

If you’re looking for an easy to install printer that simplifies the process of connecting wireless devices then this is a great choice. Most customers, have said that this is a great photo printer for the price paid, and although it’s a little large, putting it on a separate table – not uncommon – seems to be the best fit for regular use.

As a cable-free device and USB-friendly color photo printer, this Brother printer combines all the best technology, and is reported by customers to last at least 1-2 years with only minor tweaks or parts replacement being necessary. It also includes reliable firmware that is regularly updated, and, because Brother is a trusted brand for quality printers that stand behind its product, this is a must have for those looking to upgrade their current color printer.

2. Brother DCP-L2540DW

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For those that are looking for a quality printer that not only has the wireless technology, but, is also designed to handle heavier workloads and print faster, the Brother DCP-L2540DW is a great choice.

The Brother DCP-L2540DW is practical for small businesses or mass-printing jobs, as it has copy speeds of up to 30ppm (pages per minute), and, with an added manual feed slot for envelopes, labels, and thicker media this is a must-have. This printer is consistent, and prints without errors or headache, and will work with most typical hardware found at home.

There is also a ‘hidden’ drawer for paper scanning, and, when processing jobs, its software is flawless in completing them in a swift manner. Many customers call this Brother printer the best “workhorse” available on the market, and, one that is going to save you both time and money in the long-run.

Scanning jobs are also very easy and fast, and the Brother printer includes a free toner which is an added nice bonus. All Brother Products come with a meaningful, 1-year warranty which demonstrates accountability on the manufacturer’s part which is great for customers.

Using this Brother laser printer is great for not only business owners, but, also students on a budget, as ink jet printers can cost as much as $1.72 per page in comparison. Many customers that have purchased the Brother DCP-L2540DW have sworn to never return to inkjet printers, thanks to the tremendous amount of time, effort, and money saved with this product.

This is also a premium choice for those looking for an upgraded in ‘functionality’, and get their hands on a printer that feeds multiple page documents without skipping pages or jamming up.

Overall, as a monochrome printer, this remains the most competitive against both fellow monochrome and color printers, because it has an increased longevity, is built better, and will hold up to the demands of high work-load printing much longer than competing products.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8710

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The HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Printer offers customers the ability to pay up to 50% less for printing costs – whether for personal or business use, in comparison to the common laser printer.

Customers enjoy and trust the HP brand as its been around for almost 80 years, as a trusted computer, computer accessory, and technology brand name that produces quality, long-lasting products.

Although a little on the ‘bulky’ side, this HP OfficeJet Printer has received a lot of positive feedback from customers because it performs as good as those that can cost up to ten times more in price. This is an excellent printer for everyday use, and graduate students alike have found great success with using this printer for printing out projects, assignments, and PowerPoint presentations.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Wireless Printer maximizes productivity, and with two-sided print, its advanced functionality makes it easy to work on multiple projects at the same time and allows you to get them done at a faster pace. Customers have also stated that the touchscreen on this device is easy to use, and includes helpful digital shortcuts during use.

Business owners and IT professionals alike have had great luck with this HP printer, and for the price, it seems like a worthy investment. It is manufactured for printing black pages in as fast as 9 seconds, and color pages in merely 10 seconds.

With an increased speed of up to 35ppm (pages per minute) and a scan resolution of 1200dpi (dots per inch), this means both higher quality and speed in printing or scanning projects. This printer is also designed to print on envelopes and is great for larger projects.

Few customers have reported network connection issues or in using its Wi-Fi capabilities. However, it’s important to read instructions carefully, and, there are various websites, forums, and other online platforms – including the HP troubleshooting and drivers website – which can help fix such issues quickly and conveniently.

4. Brother HL-L2340DW

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Utilizing wireless print technology, the Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer is very efficient and great for those using Cloud technology, such as Google Cloud, or Air Print. For those that are looking to connect their mobile device to their printer, may it be at work, in the office, or in their dorm rooms, the Brother iPrint & Scan app is very practical, easy to use, and perfect for scanning and printing from anywhere local to the Wi-Fi connection!

Investing in this Brother Compact Laser Printer means you don’t have to worry anymore about drippy ink cartridges, and can purchase a printer from a company that’s reported by customers to last decades without mechanical problems or failure.

The laser technology utilized in the Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer is considered premium quality, and it’s great for printing two-sided projects such as layout books, or other architectural research, paper projects, or other documentation commonly used in offices.

This printer prints clear, comes at a reasonable cost, and has an unmatched quality of continuous Wi-Fi connectivity, can be used with a USB cord, and even includes a helpful LED display to maximize functionality and personal use. Unfortunately, one customer pointed out that mail merged projects of more than 25 documents will have to be done in ‘batches’, due to the internal memory not being able to handle more than 25 at a time – but that’s no reason not to invest in this printer.

Customers report being able to setup this Brother printer in as little as 15 minutes, and that it produces crisp and precise text, without the vignetting around characters that you may have grown used to from ink cartridge printers in the past.

Unfortunately, there is no “cancel job” button per say, so, this was troubling for some customers. Remember, if you’re looking for a printer for printing photos, going with a Monochrome printer may not be the best investment choice, as it can deprive image of colors outside of black and white – or merely print in one color only. This printer is best used for work projects, and mass-printing, as opposed to colorful, or high-resolution images.

At a reasonable cost and quality, along with laser technology, the Brother HL-L2340DW is no doubt one of the best printers available for college students.

5. Canon Selphy CP1200

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A fun and easy to use color photo printer, the Canon Selphy CP1200 with wireless technology is the perfect solution to printing high-quality photos, and, using the Selphy App with Facebook and Instagram is just an added feature bonus!

Customers have given the Canon Selphy CP1200 very positive feedback because it prints photos quickly, and the quality is often better than those you would get from developing photos at a 1-hour photo service or business.

This is a great printer for college students that are into scrapbooking, creating journals with pictures, or just simply looking to make fun, quirky little images to share with friends and family.

The quality and color of photos with this printer are absolutely terrific, and even those of a more ‘mature’ category (such as 60+) found great ease in understanding how to use this user-friendly color printer.

Customers were happy with their purchase, and find this printer to be both very affordable and practical –especially thanks to its mobile, portable size and weight which makes taking it on the go very simple.

One customer had pointed out that sometimes images get cut off in size, however, it’s important to remember to use the manual – and of course, practice makes perfect. Some customers that have experienced connectivity issues with the wireless printer found that first using an Ethernet or direct USB connection first, and then setting up the Wi-Fi works best.

With plenty of helpful and fun functions, using ‘dye-sublimation’ (or simply ‘thermal technology’) means that images are less likely to drip or smear, and will come out with that much more quality and accuracy thanks to this advanced printing technology.

If you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting printer for college then this is a great product, and will easily last years or more with little to no errors or functionality issues.

The Canon apps are also very easy to use, and customers seem to enjoy the customizability and flexibility included.

Finally, the Canon Selphy CP1200 also works great on both PC and Mac, which means more compatibility and flexibility for use, no matter where you are or what type of device you’re using. One customer even reported using this printer non-stop for 8 hours, with zero problems, and only 100% positive results.

6. HP Envy 4520

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The HP Envy Printer series is a collection of high quality, printers, scanners, and copying devices all in one.

However, the Envy 4520, in particular, is a special, very mobile, and lightweight printer that can easily be taken and set up nearly anywhere. It also includes a helpful “quiet mode” so that you do not disturb your fellow roommates, coworkers, or those at home when they are sleeping.

Customers have found that the “Instant Ink” feature is both helpful and practical, especially for those that are constantly working around the office, and may sometimes forget that it is time to order new ink cartridges. Few customers have reported, however, that the “HPInstantInk” eligible popup is annoying and inconvenient – but should be considered a minor issue only.

Providing clear and fast prints, this printer is a great ‘space-saver’, and is easy to setup and use right out of the box. It is also compatible with the Windows Store App for scanning, and as an Air Printer has optimal technology and connection which makes sending print jobs to a unique email a breeze.

For some, a USB connection seemed to work best as opposed to a wireless connection, which may or may not be associated with the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

This mobile printer is simple, yet effective, and hailed by many HP customers as the best Canon printer yet. One customer also stated that it’s great for every day, lengthy use and will continue performing throughout the day without any issues.

For those that are in the sewing business where color diagrams are necessary, students, and other professionals relevant to using imagery frequently, this is the perfect match.

Many customers have come back to purchase a second HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer which is a good sign, and, with a 24/7 Customer Support service, this is definitely a competitive and meaningful printer for college students and professionals alike.

7. Brother HL-L2300D

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Brother printers are a recognized brand and have been around since the beginning of the 1900’s, providing sewing machine repairs, products, and later developing gear motors, document scanners, and even online Karaoke systems. The Brother’s company is well known for producing quality performance multi-purpose printers, scanners, copiers, and even MFC models designed for heavy-load or corporate business use.

The Brother HL-L2300D is excellent for larger jobs, as it has a 250-feed capacity and will produce professional photos up to a resolution of 2400 x 600dpi (dots per inch). Customers have referred to this as an excellent printer value for  money paid, and although it is USB powered, is both consistent and easy to use with your PC.

With a reported fast, quality printing process, the basic features, reliability, and price all match up for an all-around perfect product for both professional and personal use. Some customers were a little frustrated that this Brother printer did not include a USB, but, they are relatively cheap to buy separately on Amazon and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

One customer reported that he had purchased 4 or more Brother Printers per year, including this model, and that they have lasted for decades with little to no hardware or software issues. Although, in rare instances a paper-feed issue might occur, customers report a prompt response and replacement policy from Brother free of charge.

So, while this Brother printer is not wireless, it’s still a perfect printer for college students, as most dorm facilities do not allow Wi-Fi enabled printers. Also, the Brother HL-L2300D leaves less of a carbon footprint, saves paper by having a double-sided functionality for printing, and is environmentally friendly.

The toner also lasts a long time, which means more money and time saved throughout use. It also does not jam up like other printers, and, although some customers found there is no “reset” or interrupt buttons present, rarely did they feel as though they actually needed one.

This printer is a top choice for college students because it won’t clog up on ink if left sitting unused, which is great for those attending college or living in campus only by the semester.

8. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA

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The Samsung Wireless Printer is a great choice for those seeking an easy to use, functioning, and Wi-Fi-capable monochrome printer. It also works great with the Samsung mobile print app, and, in comparison to many other (even color) wireless printers on the market, the Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA seems to have the least issues.

Customers have reported success over a year without any hardware or software issues with the Samsung Wireless Printer. It’s also a great choice for college students as it’s easy to take with you on the go, lightweight, and very compact so that it can fit in most spaces for storage as-needed.

For customers that have experienced Wi-Fi discovery issues with this product, downloading the Samsung Easy Print Manager seemed to be sufficient for restoring the connection. Overall, this is a great printer for college students as it’s capable of printing out large quantities of documents in a short period of time.

Even better, this wireless Samsung printer makes it possible to print from anywhere in the house on your mobile device. It is also a top printer for those who frequently print out coupons (‘couponers’), and those who often print shipping labels – which equates to being perfect for office use as well.

Although this Samsung printer does not have a scanner or copier feature, it is very affordable, does what it’s supposed to do, and makes customers happy.

9. HP OfficeJet 4650

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The HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Printer is a great solution for sending faxes, printing out high-quality photos, and even includes a variety of extra features and technology that customers have come to really enjoy.

One customer pointed out that the paper tray ‘lip’ could be a little larger or more discoverable with this printer, but, this is an exceptional complaint considering it should demonstrate that little to no software or hardware errors seem to have been experienced by consumers with this product.

This HP All-in-One Photo Printer is also great for scanning multiple documents at a time, before transferring to your computer. And, while it will work with envelopes and postcards, you do have to remove the paper before using the printer for this – so this is a minor inconvenience for some.

The scanner overall is easy to use, has a helpful and interactive touchscreen that customers really enjoy, and the HP e-print feature which allows you to print documents from any location is an exceptionally exciting, and profitable addition to the product.

If you’re a college student looking for the best printer, this is a great choice, boots up quickly, and can handle printing jobs from multiple mobile devices and laptops at the same time synchronously – which demonstrates the advanced, quality technology that was used to develop this product.

Few customers have complained of scanner malfunctions or mode problems, but, should easily be rectified by referring to the manual. The scanner is indeed accurate, and printing photos that come out vibrant and true to their color is an exciting and rewarding experience for customers.

10. Epson Expression Home XP-330

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A multi-functional, affordable, and well-built printer, the Epson Expression Home XP-330 is the perfect solution for students. It not only includes Bluetooth wireless technology, but, it’s also easy to sync with your mobile device right out of the box within just minutes.

The Epson printer also includes a built-in card reader for use with SD (memory) cards, which is very convenient for those uploading and printing photos from their camera.

Customers hail the Epson Expression Home XP-330 as a “powerhouse”, as it can do everything competing printers can do, but for half the price. And, while the power cord is a little shorter than some customers might appreciate, it is a relatively easy fix with an extension cord.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quality printer that is easy to use – even with limited computer knowledge – then this is a great product, and does not have the connectivity or ‘rebooting’ issues as other competing printers do. This printer comes highly recommended, and is undoubtedly one of the best printers for college students currently available.

Which Printer is Best for Your College Needs?

Above, you will find that often, the best printers don’t necessarily have to use the newest or most ‘fancy’ technology, be overpriced, or offer unnecessary technology and functionality.

We’ve gone with major, trusted brands such as HP, Epson, Brother, and Canon because they have been on the market for decades, and produce efficient, premium quality all-in-one printers and technology.

If you’re still unsure as to which is the best printer for you or someone that you know who is currently in college, then, try to carefully select one of the above products that meets the wireless or technical requirements you desire, is manageable in size for the space you will be using, and reasonably in your price-range – so that you still have money left over for textbooks and ink cartridges!

In all seriousness, these are great products, have substantially positive feedback, and many use Led or touch-screen technology which ensures a modern experience, with the necessary tools and resources for nearly any type of college project.

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